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Meet the Doctors
Dr. Ishant Singal (Dentist)

Dr. Ishant Singal says “I have been a dentist since 2010 and a specialist orthodontist since 2015. I am fortunate to have found orthodontics as a profession. Over the past 25 years I have helped thousands of people of all ages achieving the smile they desired.

I love healthy beautiful smile and I want that for everyone. I love the challenges & rewards of improving a persons’ smile along with their self-esteem.

I enjoy my work and I love to get to help people achieve their goals of having healthier and more attractive smiles. I treat many adults and I understand when they wish the treatment to be discrete or invisible. I work mostly with braces and clear aligners, Invisalign.

Of course, you can choose to have any type of appliance you desire to suit your income and lifestyle. As an experienced orthodontist, I am using all advanced techniques in the field in a very modern and high tech practice and I am here to help you choose the best option to make you feel better about your smile. I am a strong believer on a two-phase orthodontic treatment where we can reduce the need for extractions of permanent teeth and lengthy orthodontic treatment later in life by early interceptive treatment at an early age.

Dr. Deepshikha Garg (Dentist)

Dr. Deepshikha Garg is an excellent Consultant Dental surgeon practicing for more than 10 years with a team of doctors and super-specialist surgeons.

With a clinical Experience of more than 10 years, she is well versed in carrying out pain-free root canal treatment and single sitting root canal. Cosmodentz dental clinic is state of the art equipped with modern-day dentistry and highly trained doctors including of Prosthodontist, Orthodontist, Periodontist, and Oral Surgeon.

She spends extra time and effort to understand your underlying problems to design the treatment plan for you utilizing modern technological advances. She firmly believes in learning and growing and keeps updating herself with the latest trends followed internationally.

She is an ardent believer of making your natural tooth last as long as possible and strictly practices Minimally Invasive Dentistry. Her passion lies in cosmetic dental services to transform people’s lives through their majestic SMILE.

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